Frequently Asked questions


What is provided?

 - All the necessary fishing gear is provided, as well as the required Florida state fishing licenses for all passengers and a cooler with ice and bottled water. We will also fillet and clean your catch for free at the end of the trip if you would like to keep any fish.

What should I bring?

 - You should bring a hat, sunglasses, sun screen, and comfortable clothing. Any food or drink you would like as well as ice in a cooler (if you plan on keeping fish). Remember, you will not need much and most people tend to over-pack. It is best to keep it light to save room on the boat.

What am I not allowed to bring?

 - Spray sunscreen is not permitted on the boat, please do not bring it. Beer is allowed but only in cans, no glass bottles are allowed. No illegal drugs are permitted. Black or dark sole tennis shoes are not recommended as they leave permanent marks on the boat surface.

How can I pay?

 - You can pay with cash or credit / debit card only. There is a minimal fee for processing card transactions. NO CHECKS WILL BE ACCEPTED.

Am I supposed to tip?

 - Just like anything else in the service industry, if you feel that your guide worked hard to give you the best possible experience then feel free to tip. Guides don't make a lot of money after expenses and sometimes a tip can go a long way. Typically most people tip between 10-20%

What is the cancellation policy?

- There are no cancellations accepted within 72 hours of scheduled start time. Failure to cancel your trip within 72 hours will result in partial or full payment of the fishing charter, at the captain's discretion.

If you cancel your trip with more than 72 hours notice you will not be responsible for paying for the trip, however there is a $50 fee for returning deposits, or the full deposit amount can be used towards a future fishing charter.

If the trip cannot be completed safely due to last minute weather changes, the captain will notify you and you will not be responsible for paying for the remaining balance of the trip, and the deposit can be used towards a future fishing charter. A certificate will be mailed to you valid for 1 year.